Training and Support


Our extensive training program allows the franchisees team of three people to learn the policies and procedures as they apprentice for 5 to 6 weeks at a specific Go Italian location. With our support, our franchisees will be guided to ensure success. Upon completion of our training program, you will be well equipped with the knowledge of our proven systems.

After your training program, our on-site opening team will work with you and guide you for 3 to 4 weeks. This team of knowledgeable, dedicated and high energy managers and staff will assist you in the opening of your restaurant.

A set of comprehensive manuals are provided and designed for you for easy reference with all the documentation you will need to run a successful operation.


As franchisors, we see ourselves as consultants to help you grow your business in a profitable manner. We are consistently working on our branding, our food quality and innovation, and our service.

Marketing and Advertising

Our franchisees will be given marketing programs and promotions to be successful and will contribute 3% of gross sales to an advertising fund. This fund will be used by the Go Italian Corporation to develop strategies that will make the franchisee’s stores busier and more profitable.