Why Choose a Go Italian

Go ItalianGo Italian is an exciting restaurant concept that caters to 3 niche markets; casual dining, full menu take-out, and our retail area offering authentic take and bake pasta pans and freshly made spreads that are perfect for family meals or entertaining. These three segments allows you to capture customers that want a fantastic meal with excellent service in a warm and casual atmosphere, or cater to customers that are in a hurry and are looking for authentic Italian food that is hot and ready to take home, and for busy customers looking for prepared Italian meals to take home and cook in the comfort of their own home.

Go Italian was founded on the passion for fresh authentic Italian food, while also focusing on bringing new fresh food ideas to our worldly and health conscious customers. 

RetailOwning a Go Italian allows you to be part of a successful team that focuses on fresh authentic and innovative Italian food, exceptional service and being profitable.

Our Menu

Our diverse menu includes all the Italian classics, classico and thin crust pizzas with our smoked mozzarella, delicious sandwiches with house-made aolis that come with fresh soups, a large variety of salads... all tossed with our fresh signature house dressings, and a great selection of red and white wines to pair with your fantastic meal. After dinner our customers can enjoy Italian coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, specialty coffees, liqueurs and desserts.


Dining RoomEntering a Go Italian you first catch the aroma of our tomato sauce cooking, roasted garlic, and fresh baked bread. You are welcomed by 2 options; the take out and take and bake area, or our dining area. Our interior is a combination of old world brick and lighting, dark woods, modern colours, and music of the swing era. These combined, creates an atmosphere that is perfect for casual dining or a romantic night out.

Because the Go Italian concept is geared to a wide range of customers, it is also adoptable to any location, whether it' a family neighbourhood or a downtown business area. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a wine filled evening to celebrate with family and friends or taking your meal home, Go Italian offers an inviting atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.